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Read this if you are applying for moderator!

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Read this if you are applying for moderator!

Post by PandaGirl2112 on Wed Sep 14, 2016 2:17 pm

First of all. If you want to apply you HAVE to be at least Engineer before doing so or you application WILL NOT be accepted.
 Recommended time before applying for Moderator is 1 month FOR NOW. This time period will extend. Moderator is "starter" staff rank and it is the only staff rank you can get by applying and it will ONLY be given at promotions.

You HAVE to use this format or your application will be DENIED

Minecraft username:

Real Name*:



Name any players who said they will vote for you (You have to ask them):

Have you been staff on another server?:

Why do you think you deserve this rank?

Copy that format, paste it and fill it in. The * means that you don't have to fill those parts in if you don't want your personal information exposed.

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